Entrepreneurs in Residence

An informal brainstorming session among a few of us started a broader discussion on how we should co-innovate with the Entrepreneurs.

This led to the creation of a new Global venturing program for Private Wealth Management – Devlin McGregor Entrepreneurs in Residence (DVMG EIR) – built on DVMG’s foundation of innovation and market opportunity. Since then, DVMG EIR has transformed the way we discover, co-create and scale disruptive transactions that are impacting our industry and customers worldwide.

DVMG EIR, at its core, solves the three fundamental challenges – the “ABC” of Private Wealth Management : Agility, Business Model and Continuity. We ensure a mutually beneficial, win-win business model and we also ensure there is long-term continuity in our partnerships by investing in Private Wealth Banking and Family Office-level relationships rather than relationships based on particular individuals.

From your perspective, there has never been a better time to partner with us and enjoy the benefits of being on the DVMG EIR team.