Getting the very best from your property sale, no matter the political climate.

Whatever your plans or objectives, Devlin McGregor can help. We can offer you a no-obligation, confidential consultation to explore your range of options as a property owner. You will be able to discuss the details of your intended sale, and benefit from impartial analysis and advice drawn from our experience of hundreds of successful property sales.

At the meeting, you can raise any specific questions you may have about the property sale process, and receive an honest assessment of the saleability of your home.

Your privacy and our discretion is at the forefront of our process.

our approach

Our Approach

With Devlin McGregor your property is sold off market, it is not placed on the internet or our website for general viewing. The only people who will know that your property is for sale, will be potential buyers that have signed a non-disclosure agreement and are in a position to buy.

Our main focus is to prepare your property for the most valuable sale possible. We lead our clients through the entire process of planning, ļ¬nding buyers, negotiating the best possible terms, managing due diligence and closing the transaction.

Take a step back and analyse why an acquirer would buy your home.

If you start examining your strengths and weaknesses of your property today, then there is time to make positive change to maximise the value of your home when the time comes.

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